24 November 2023



The full power of the laser in every situation!

From Centolight comes the first fixture with a Laser lamp that has far greater efficiency than a traditional discharge lamp with the advantages of reproducing a powerful parallel light beam, reduced size and consumption, and absolute silence.

But that’s not all, because the new fixture also integrates an array of 30x 0.2W 3-In-1 RGB LED strips to create dynamic and very eye-catching lighting effects. Let's go and find out more about it.

Centolight Laser Beam Spire LS 2000 is the latest BEAM to join the Spire family, and this time it is laser!

On the outside, it looks like a sleek and modern moving head with an innovative and modern design that complements the Spire philosophy, with an ultra-compact, lightweight chassis, but inside it packs a whole new "heart".

In fact, Spire LS 2000 incorporates a white laser source, integrated with an exclusive high-performance system and a vivid dynamic light effect made possible by the 30x 0.2W 3-In-1 RGB LED strips on the head.

The laser lamp also, in addition to providing excellent performance, has a lifespan of about 30,000 hours (the normal lifespan of more than 15 years of use by a rental company) with minimal decay in luminous efficiency.

Power consumption, compared with a conventional lamp luminaire, is significantly lower with the same light output.

The fixture is equipped with a 0.7° opening beam that helps to provide an ultra-long Beam effect approaching that of a parallel beam, and is designed with a full range of effects including 19 static gobos, 17 dichroic colors, 6-color wheel, 2 prism wheels with 4 different overlapping prisms, frost, fire, etc.

The external LED light crown then completes the rich equipment so as to provide the Lighting Designer with different possibilities of use and increase creativity for the benefit of the show.

The possibility of prism overlapping is another feature of LS2000 that can certainly make a difference!

Indeed, overlapping creates an incredible scenic effect and, together with the 6-color simultaneous filter, generates multicolor light effects in the same beam.

Spire LS2000 also provides extreme speed and precision and a selectable Pan/Tilt movement also continuously, 360°, with variable speed so as to adapt in many situations. The fixture supports DMX and RDM (Remote Device Management) control.

The body of Spire LS2000 is not limited to an attractive look, but is equipped with 2 omega clamps, available for vertical mounting that make installation quick and easy.

Based on all the features listed above and due to the fast and quiet operation we are confident that Spire LS2000 is the perfect choice for indoor applications such as small and medium-sized concerts, conference rooms, live events and clubs but not only!

In fact, the new Spire is also Flicker Free which means it is also suitable for use in a TV studio or otherwise along with video footage of any kind.

And then, as always, the price! A definitely attractive price as we are talking about a fixture with refined laser technology and complete with effects.

What are you waiting for? Contact our Product Specialists and write to us through our channels (e-mail, social channels, phone...) and we will give you all the information you need!


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