LED light for fashion shows, parties, weddings, ancient villas

LED light for fashion shows, parties, weddings, ancient villas
Aldo Chiappini - Encore
by Aldo Chiappini - Encore
On 22 June 2023

The flexibility and easy handling of LED is a perfect solution in lighting fashion shows, parties, weddings and ancient villas


Italian fashion is one of the most leading sectors of our country's economy.

Before arriving in stores, on the streets and in our homes, fashion inevitably passes through a crucial moment, the presentation which, in the specific context, is called a fashion show.

The fashion show is synonymous with event, party, show, and the places and frames used for fashion shows are the most varied and strange possible: theaters, auditoriums, ateliers, squares and any other location that is equipped or not.

The key element is undoubtedly the Platform (or at any rate a stage), a circumscribed walkway with the garments worn by models at center stage.

This is where lighting professionals come in, who, through an installation designed for this very purpose, must illuminate and make the fashion show as intriguing as possible.

Clearly, as with any event, there are big ones with big budgets but, in most cases, smaller situations with fewer resources available but still in need of powerful and flexible lighting products.


The flexibility, color variety and power of LED are perfect for fashion shows...


Once again, LED floodlights prove to be the perfect choice for fashion shows, weddings, ceremonies and parties in general.

Even leaving aside the energy-saving aspects, which we have already discussed extensively in the other articles belonging to this series (links to previous articles) let us focus our attention on the great advantages that an LED product can offer over a "conventional" one, precisely in relation to what is needed in this kind of specific work.


  1. flexibility and simple color management
  2. great power in relation to low weights
  3. safety and weather protection
  4. possibility of battery power supply


During a fashion show, wedding or festive event in general, only one color will be hardly used.

Without going into who knows what technicalities - which is, moreover, not the purpose of these articles - it is obvious to think that the Lighting Designer will be called upon to follow, and thus enhance, multiple moments of the event through more subdued and evocative atmospheres to moments of decisive lighting with bright, blazing whites.

An LED product can do this easily, either through remote control (DMX or Wireless) or on the fixture itself.


Light output, especially in relation to weight and bulk, is also very important. Then, if it comes to "inconvenient" locations (many of our clients have staged splendid events on beaches, marble quarries, gardens, and even mountains) it will be very convenient to have small, lightweight floodlights.


Safety with reference to weathering is a very important parameter that an LED fixture with at least IP65 rating can ensure! Precisely because many fashion shows, ceremonies, birthday parties and many other such events are staged in the summer months, it is important to use safe products with all the relevant certifications, something not as obvious as one might think.


Also, as a direct consequence of the location, which "creative talents" and organizers often choose without considering the objective logistical difficulties, it can be decisive to use battery-powered LED fixtures, permanently solving any problems related to the availability of power.



What about the outdoor LED and IP65 ?


We talked a little while ago about weather protection, and again in this article, it is good to reiterate the concept.

Outdoor LED lighting requires more specific products that meet the relevant standards, which, in this case, is CEI EN 60529/1997 (formerly CEI 70-1), which classifies the degrees of protection of enclosures for electrical equipment. The following numbers, as can be seen from the attached table, indicate how effective this protection is toward weathering.

Grade 65 "provides total protection against the penetration of solids, penetration of liquids by drops, vapors, splashes and jets of water in any direction" and is what is needed for installations where large outdoor spaces are illuminated, such as castles, gardens, towers, ramparts, walls and many other architectures in urban and suburban areas.


Temporary LED lighting

Many locations, especially those that organizers choose for fashion shows or the most evocative and original events, are chosen for their beauty and atmosphere but certainly not for the arrangement of installations.

Let’s think, for example, of a beach, a marble quarry, a mountain environment-these are just some of the locations to which many of our clients have had to bring audio, light, and video.


What better situation to rely on battery-powered LED fixtures?

It is precisely for this reason that over time we have identified the best, most convenient, reliable, and high-performance products to offer a practical solution to rentals and services that are dedicated to this kind of work.

PORTRAIT TONDO is a battery-powered PAR (mains power supply is always possible) with IP65 protection rating, specially designed for outdoor use even for long periods. The light-emitting system consists of 6 RGBWA+UV 6in1 LEDs of 10W each with high efficiency, while the battery compartment guarantees a full charge from zero within about 4-5 hours and a duration of about 6 hours with all colors; about 8 hours when running preset programs or DMX; about 12 hours when running single color.

Wireless DMX function and infrared remote control allow all units to be controlled without the use of wired DMX controllers.


The Wireless signal to avoid wiring

What should you do when the situation is even more complicated? How many times has happened to you that you have to transport and install equipment in an impassable place and in tiny space?

In those situations, not only electricity can be a problem, but also the transportation and running of many cables for wiring fixtures.

Aircom 126 transmits and receives data in the standard DMX512 format wirelessly, solving control problems between lighting fixtures and controllers without the use of DMX cables, and by the way, it is a fixture that you cannot miss in a service or rental company's warehouse, given also the very favorable price...

Why wireless? Using Aricom 126 results in incredible time savings in installation, since there is no need to pull meters and meters of cables, and savings in cabling material that, in addition to the cost of purchase, requires space and ongoing maintenance care. 


If you would like to know more about all the technical solutions of the Centolight brand, easily searching for the right product, you can visit the website https://www.centolight.com/ or request a call directly with one of our Product Specialists via the link below. We will always be happy to assist and guide you in making the right choice for you!

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